Sky Dancer part 4 Sebastien SWW S

Sky Dancer part 4
Five days later, the Sky Dancer was repaired and Nacarious had gone back to his cave with extra treasure from Dan and Sophie. The skyship: fired up it’s jets; set the co-ordinates to the launch pad and took off home. Soon they were rocketing through the midnight sky.
On the Sky Dancer, Dan and Sophie  on the deck, watching the stars creep across the sky like insects. They were heading home! The sound of claws on the hull made them run to the cabin. The Claws got louder and louder. The Captain stormed over and stared over the side.
” It’s Nacarious!”  he called back to them. “He want’s to come with us!”
The crew agreed that he could stay and he was overjoyed! Soon, they were reaching the borders to their own realm. They were home.
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