Sky-Ship Adventure Part 4 by Maggie SWW

Captain Appleton had not been overly pleased with the girls for adopting the baby pegasus, Alfie.
“What can he be useful for? His damaged wing will only use up our medical kits,” she had complained. In the end, with deep regret, she had let them keep him; but they would be responsible if the mother came back.

Now, the balloon fixed and supplies topped up, Otto stood at the bow of the deck, watching in thought as the sun tipped its light over the horizon. Alfie sat patiently at her feet. His wing had had a remarkable recovery, but it was still in a sling. Behind her, Sophie and Siobhan were having a quiet argument about whether butterfly cakes were tastier than fairy cakes.

Glancing down, Otto’s thoughts brought her to her plan. She had forgotten about it in all the excitement of being on the Clouddrifter. However, her plans disappeared into thin air again, as a light snorting, rumbling noise sounded at the starboard side of the ship.
“Oh no…” she mumbled, backing into the deck chairs and causing them to topple over. The disruption distracted Sophie and Siobhan, and they leapt to their feet.

Gingerly, Otto led Siobhan to the edge, and they strained their ears. Otto heard it and winced. Siobhan heard it and doubled over in laughter.
“It’s only the cap’ in, snoring. She’s had a tiring day, mind,” he said, patting Otto on the back, “Now, you two go to bed, and get some well earned sleep.”

With the warmth of their sleeping bags and the comfort of their bunk, they both fell into a glorious deep sleep.

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