The Arrival the last part By Oliver SWW

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The Arrival part 1

There was wound in the balloon they can’t repair the balloon mid flight the the vessel was falling to the ground. When Mariana found water, she went to the deck and pulled the wheel and set it for the landing. “Brace for impact!” said Captain O’Shea.

As every crew member rescued the people they looked at a new horizon what was ahead of them. When all people were safe. Sitting on the shore, they looked at the ship drift to the bottom of the ocean.

“So what’s next,” said one.
“I don’t know.” replied another.
“Well, we are stuck here.” said Captain O’Shea
Then everyone gasped!
“What?” asked Captain O’Shea, “Is there something wrong with that?”
” Yes!” everyone shouted.
“Oh fine, there is something wrong with being stuck then!” said Captain O’Shea with disappointment.

Part 2. Crew members went out to sea searching of supplies down at the bottom of the ocean, looking for parts of the sky ship. Emerging from the sea, they were panting for air and had ruby red cheeks. People started gathering logs and making fires whilst the others went hunting for food and water.

Part 3

As the hole crew worrying what’s going to happen next Mariana went down to the shore and looked at the rubble upon the rocks then she saw a dragon on one of the rock and ran out into the sea and carried the poor Dragon to land and talked to it with a gentle voice and sang to it like if it were a baby and went back up and secretly went in to her tent and said to it “its alright little one you’re safe now there is no need to panic” laying it onto the spare bed she put the covers on it and went to bed.
That morning it was straight to work building towers and lighthouses trying to make a S.O.S single and other important building’s including factories and stock markets. When there was free time they all went into the woods a played tag over and over again up and till they are tired and when they all woke up their in the woods all over again.

Part 4

The next day everyone back was to work and Captain O’Shea was in her tent researching new specimens and medians when Mariana was sat out side by the rocks the baby dragon curled around her leg and it made her giggle when the baby dragon did that. Mariana said, “Do you like me” then baby dragon nodded and then Mariana saw a another dragon in the sky and it was large. wait a minute that is a mother dragon said Mariana and with looking the baby dragon raced and then the mother dragon saw the baby dragon and hugged and went down to the ground and they landed next to Mariana and the mother dragon warmed up Mariana and leaped up in the the sky with the baby and flied into the sky and stayed close to each other.
“What a day,” said Mariana and went to her tent and went to bed.

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