The desert gazer together Freya SWW

There was a fearing crunch and bang then the BEEP BEEP sound and that was a warning that we were going to crash and we did. It was horrendous and terrible. As one of our crew members looked to see what happened, they shouted ” It has a hole in the side of it”. It was irreparable.

At that very moment, everyone gave one big gasp and some people started to cry. Impulsively, everyone split up trying to find a way out we went our own way but don’t worry we have walkie talkies to keep in touch but suddenly we were all lost and couldn’t find the desert gazer.

In the very distance, I heard a noise it appeared then disappeared unquestionably. I better keep that to myself though. I don’t know if my crew heard it. Disturbingly, I shouted ” Hello” but all I could here was my never ending echo. Sneakily, I went down the sandy hills and tried to find that noise but I just couldn’t find it. Until, I saw something shiny it was a statue in the form of a long lost king and it only lasts for an impermanence amount of time.

Impatiently, I wanted to hear that noise but just then I heard it. What could it be? I need to find the desert gazer and my crew to solve this mysterious mystery.

Episode 2 ” the new recruit member of the desert gazer”

Suddenly, I found my crew and the desert gazer and we all came up with a plan to get the sky ship working again so we can solve the mystery.

After a while, I tried not to go to sleep but my eyelids kept flickering up and down. ” It’s fixed!” one of the crew members clamoured waking me up. We all boarded the ship and off we went. Joe was steering the ship and the rest of us were looking out for the creature that was making the noise. Noah, who was very clumsy, knocked over a barrel full of food and water that we were keeping for an emergency, until we found the creature. It was stuck in the middle of a crack in a boulder.

Episode 3 ” the creature”
Pulling, we got the baby unicorn out of the crack and bolder. It has blue shimmery eyes and a thin pointy horn that people wouldn’t normally see on a regular unicorn. Noah, who was determined, wanted to cut off the unicorns horn but we said no, as we were wondering if the unicorns mother would be happy about

Episode 4 ” My hero”

Immediately, the unicorn had some food, settled down and went to sleep. ” Ahhh back at base” I said to myself. It was now 7:40 pm and we were eating our tea. Until, Me and joe couldn’t get to sleep because my crew were all snoring including the unicorn. At that moment, me and joe climbed up the mast and looked at the bright stars that twinkled in the night sky. Until, joe made a loud bang and awoke the unicorn.

“Get back to bed” I whispered trying not to wake up the others but it didn’t go it wanted to stay so I let it. Quickly, joe fell over the mast but the unicorn caught him ” MY HERO” I said and the unicorn was smiling with surprise.

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