The Midnight Gazer part 4 by Ava SWW

Midnight Gazer

Abu shivered whilst Captain Jane looked around the safety room for a plaster and a blanket. Captain Jane, who has a large heart, wrapped Abu in a blanket. Abu your safe now. ​


Midnight Gazer part 4

A few hours later, Captain Jane and the rest of the crew made sure that Abu was happy. The crew had fixed the Midnight Gazer so that it was ready to ride again.
“Hey Natcy can you look after Abu whilst I look for some food?” Captain Jane shouted.
Natcy sighed and shook her head whilst she stomped over to Captain Jane.
“How many times do I need to tell you please please call me Red…Jane!” she screamed at the top of her lungs.
Red knew that Captain Jane couldn’t stand when people just called her Jane. Staring into Red’s eyes, Captain Jane tried to hold back her anger.
“Anyway yes you can go an get some food I will look after Abu.” Red exclaimed.
Captain Jane walked away looking for food though it looked like she didn’t trust Red with Abu. A few minutes later, Captain Jane was back and ready for the Midnight Gazer to set sail again.
“Everyone ready?” Captain Jane shouted.
The crew nodded there heads.
” Ready 3 2 1!”

They flew through the clouds smiling! They were ready to start a new adventure!

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