The Sky ship by Ollie SWW

The sky ship
Aboard Sky Ship was a white balloon and wooden planks from the tree of wisdom. Suddenly, the Sky Ship rocked and the dragon popped the balloon like blowing out candles on your birthday. Captain Scribbles shouted “Grab a parachute!”. Just in the nick of time. John pulled the parachute cord. BOOM. Not a soul spoke.

We climbed up the mountain, but no one was there, not even a car on the road. The crew waited and waited but no one came “This is all your fault John” boomed the captain, “IF WE WENT OVER THE RIVER WE WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE”. John didn’t want to displease the captain. Abruptly, life around us was fading in to darkness. Sam screamed ”Look a bus! and a stop for it!”. We ran to it, but before we could reach the bus stop, the dragon got up from the crash and roared its deafening roar.

Spreading it’s gigantic wings, the dragon swooped down and picked off the bus as if it were light as a feather. The dragons yellow, gold and brown belly light up the darkness. Scared, the crew turned around only to see the dragon coming back for them.

The crew knew what they had to do they jumped and let the bus go. Just as they thought they were gone from this world a beep and the dragon go hit by a lorry then retreated. Instead of going in the lorry the decided to rebuild the sky ship.

They planed there next adventure Captain Scribbles decides to go to the river of realty. When the sky ship was fixed they went of to the reality river. John whos tummy felt like water was sick. It landed in the reality river and the world became his sickness.

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