The Space Gazer part 4 by Ava-Jay SWW

The Space Gazer part 3

Thai and Captain came back, with all the supplies they needed.
“Minkle man is better again!” Said Riley happily. Now all they needed was to build the ship back together. Tugging and heaving, they tried to build the ship but they couldn’t do it. They huffed and they puffed but they couldn’t do it. Out of no where, Minkle man appeared and built the ship. By the time he helped, the ship was finished! The Space Gazer was back on track! They all hopped on and the ship went up.

The Space Gazer part 4

When the ship went up, Minkle man decided to explore. He loved the Space Gazer. Everyone loved the Space Gazer. Riley started scrubbing the space so it was all clean. Captain Sea dog offered Minkle man to steer. He would love to!. Thai the dog gave a big grin and Riley started petting her. Everyone was happy, jolly and joyful.

They headed back home so nothing else happened. They were happy that they had a new pet and they were going back to a nice and cosy home. It started to get dark and they all looked up at the moon and starts shimmering in the moonlight. It was such a beautiful sight to watch.

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