This is a extension to episode 4 “Hunted” by Ryan SWW

Episode 4 ” Hunted” EXTENSION
Running, Jack and the crew went into the forest to get away from the Pack of ravenous creatures. The captain thought he lost them path mumbled ” Go on a sky ship they said it would be fun they said >:<” a growl came close to pathfinder slowly approaching his area. The prowler leaped on path trying to put a mechanical nightmare to the ground, path uppercut the prowler hurling it off of him making the creature run. ” That was wonderful” laughed path

Captain Jack and the crew all wondered through the forest trying to rest on the rocks but jack always said move on. Jack was still worried about the Omnics walking around on this island though pathfinder was with them, jack never fully trusted him he thought path could change his sides at any moment this is why path always stays upfront so that nothing can happen to those who are behind.

A rustle came from the leaves, shadows danced across the walls of the jungle and followed a snarl. ” RUN!” Jack shouted at the crew, Path leaped into the leaves attacking the prowlers looking for a meal he got bit several times but he kept on going destroying every creature that dare try to have him as a snack. A burst of light and sparks came from his arm path became enraged he hurled the prowlers into the center of the path to finish them off though they ran away squealing like pigs.

Pathfinder came back to the crew with no arm they tried to repair him though they had no good material to patch his broken circuits, path powered down Jack ordered the crew to pick him up and carry him to the wreck. Why’ll the crew were carrying pathfinder to the wreck they found some sort of bunker hidden in the dirt Captain Jack ordered the crew to carry path into the shelter or though they thought.

The site was damp with dirt spreading around the entrance, the door closed leaving some of the crews riflemen behind. Jack checked all the rooms next to him finding nothing but black goo, stains of unknown substance and weapons lying on the floor, armour hanging on them but just then they heard something they had never expected ” MTF- CODENAME nine tailed fox has entered the facility all personnel report too BUZZ” the sound shut off half way through the speech almost like something got to him..

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