Antarctic Goblins: An Endangered Species.

Antarctic Goblins, they are an amazing creature. But due to global warming they are losing their habitat. Antarctic Goblins have a full head of white hair due to the cold circumstances.They have pale white skin like snow. At 3-5 years old it is their average age to start walking and talking. They leave the parents home at 15 years old, bursting with excitement at the thought of leaving their home. They usually wear feather-ridden coats and a warm ushanka. Brown spiked boots seep through the snow as they walk and you cannot hear a thing. The best things to feed them ( If you ever find them out in the wild) is warm carrot and cabbage stew. They hate cold drinks, but for some reason they like cold milk. Most Antarctic goblins have the ability to speak to you, but they can also speak a special language that only the goblin tongue can recite with ease. Global warming is killing the goblins due to excessive use of ice. We need to start using less ice and stop hunting them, they have a life just like ours. Unfortunately they cannot tell if you are companionable or hostile. We can help stop ice melting by scattering millions of tiny glass beads to reflect sunlight away from the ice. Too many are dying and they are becoming extinct. Save the Antarctic goblins. Save Antarctica.

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  1. Whoa! This is the longest one I have seen so far, great though!

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