one upon a dream

Top Mission

After hiding for a couple of days, Hammer Grip and Terror of Justice finally found a place to land so they could regroup for supplies, like food and water for the journey ahead. They both thought they needed some sleep, but because of the brightly lit sun, they didn’t even get a wink of sleep. A few hour’s later, they both eventually got board of sitting and doing nothing, so decided to go and investigate the area. Hammer Grip  started to feel something watching them from behind the cliff egged of the snow caped mountains, so he decided to go and investigate it. When he looked behind it there was nothing there to be seen.As the sun went down, Hammer Grip and Terror of Justice where just about to set out when at that second, there was a huge explosion. Right in front it was… No no it can’t be no…

A hidden island !!!

With a loud crunch and smell of metal on metal , the sky ship came to a sudden halt.Rose peered over the railings, she coughed and retched as the putrefying  smell of decaying flesh wafted towards her. However, as she looked she realized they had arrived in a paradise of tropical islands, with swaying palm trees, pure white beaches and brilliant tropical fish.James looked around, not taking another step, all he could see was miles of waves crashing onto the mountains with the palm trees dancing in the moon light.

Suddenly, Rose heard a rustle, she was frozen to the spot, afraid to move, terrified of what was waiting in the shadows. It made her heart race and her hands tremble. Something huge was moving towards her…

crash landing

At that moment, they heard a massive explosion from the rainbow colored balloon: they  started crashing downwards at the speed of light towards an abandoned castle, that loomed into sight through a break in the trees, thrusting like a mailed fist above the woods, its hulking towers and turrets soaring into the clouds.They hit the ground like an elephant jumping around. David was flung over to the railings, the captain yelled, “Stay there.” David was not sure what was happening, he did as he was told.The captain hopped off and again said, “Stay there, I mean it, while I and Ninja go and hunt for some materials to fix the wounded balloon. ”

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