Amelia St Matthews

I want to paint…

the sweat smell of roses the fill the air with joy,

the birds in the sky as they fly through the soft clouds;

the hot air balloon gliding through a cloud as fluffy as cotton candy,

I want to paint…

an acorn with it’s top hat on,

the silence of a prayer  muttered in ones head,

the feeling of excitement when you wake up on Christmas morning knowing that Santa has come,

I want to paint…

the smell of  the fresh fragrance a bread when it just comes out;

the memories of joy and happiness in our hearts,

the sound of a sweat silent song ringing in my ears,

I want to paint…

the branches that dance in the wind;

the calm sound of the ocean and the waves in your ear,

the taste of chocolate melting in your  mouth,

the memories of family and fun.

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