I want to paint…

I want to paint…

I want to paint a day at the beach, staring out in to the peach sunset that fills the sky, while the seagulls fly by.

A twisting, terrible, troubling sea, that constantly confounds my confusion and lulls me into its lucid lullaby.

I want to paint the sand, like grains of rice small as the hairs on your head.

A ferocious wind that grabs me playing with me like a doll.


I want to paint the chocolate cake, the moment I love before I wake, for the day at school so not cool.

A  creamy, crumbly, candy cake with eccentric, exciting, exclaiming decorations that satisfies my hungry belly.

I want to paint the gooey filling, like jelly and jam as sticky as gum

A delicious flavor that takes over my body

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