All my most desired fantasies – Nabilah

I’ve never been sucked into the endless void of a black hole,

but I have seen pictures of stunning, ignited supernovae.


I have never ridden on a fierce, protective lion across the forests of the Madagascar,

but I have seen a frightened deer running for it’s life. 


I have never slept on one of the softest clouds in the sky,

but I have slept on my comfortable, snug bed.


I have never set foot on the dusty, deserted surface of the grey moon

but I have set foot on a field packed with beautiful blue-bells. 


I have never jumped from the tip of the icy Mount Everest,

but I have jumped from the sturdiest, shortest table in my house.


I have never seen a fairy dancing amongst the berry-red mushrooms,

but I have seen a bee buzzing gracefully amongst delightful flowers.


I have never hugged a baby penguin chick straight from Antarctica,

but I have hugged my favourite penguin plush when I was younger. 


I have never had my biggest dreams and fantasies come true just yet,

but I have dreamt of reaching my most desired dreams.

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