The doors of possibilities

Go and open the green door,

maybe there is an army of frogs marching side by side,

a mountain of mint choc chip ice cream or a lush forest as wide as the ocean.


Go and open the yellow door,

maybe there are butterflies tap dancing on daffodils,

the sun setting and the stars beginning to twinkle or fluffy ducklings taking their first swim.


Go and open the ebony door,

maybe there is the night sky flashing with shooting stars,

planets tucked up in the galaxy or just complete and utter darkness.


Go and open the cerise door,

maybe you will find cotton candy clouds,

flamingoes munching on cherry blossom or piglets rolling in mud.


Go and open the sapphire door,

maybe there is an ocean full of blue whale pods,

a clear sky waiting for a plane to dash through or blueberry ice poles melting in the summer sun.


Go and open the brown door, 

maybe there is a fast, flowing chocolate river,

a brood of bears playing violins or trees dancing in the pouring rain.


Go and open the rainbow door,

maybe there is a blessing of unicorns sliding down a helter skelter,

sweet chilli candy floss falling off sticks or a noisy funfair full of thrills.


Go and open the white door,

maybe there is a ghost following your every move,

a deadly soul with a shiny katana sword or a flock of doves taking flight.


Go and open the purple door,

maybe there is a tree bulging with juicy plums,

bottles of poison awaiting Hamlet’s father or a bruise appearing on a knee.


Go and open the last door,

maybe there is a black hole sucking in everyone and everything,

a murder of crows c-cawing into the wind or a cloaked individual lurking in the shadows.


Go and open a door, there are many possibilities just waiting for you.

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