The room of happiness

In the room of joy,

the cushions burst into a song of harmony.

as the floor smiled,

and the tv began to rock out dancing,


In the room of happiness,

the daisies blossomed.


In the room of delight,

a bowl of secrets fell on the floor as we all screamed.


In the room of smiles,

the chair broke out singing,

the pathway of gratefulness and love danced,

the house of horrors turned into joyfulness,

in all of the room of happiness, joy and love,

in the room of peace and harmony,

they danced the night away.


8 Responses to “The room of happiness”

  1. 1. Well done!
    2. why did you call it that?
    3. maybe at one more sentence.

  2. I really like the sentences!
    Well done!

  3. Charlie SWW
    Good work
    where did you get the Ida’s from
    And add 3 more sentences

  4. Axel SWW

    Hi, I like how you used the phrase “and the tv began to rock out dancing” But could you use a bit more description on the line ” they danced the night away” Also how did you get that idea?

  5. Great job!
    1. i loved the bit where you said In the room of smiles,

    the chair broke out singing.

    2.could you add another sentence?

    3. your title is really unique well done!

  6. Bobby SWW Hi there! I like your work! and could you add some more sentences.

  7. Well done! this is really great.

  8. I love this piece of work it’s very good why did you choose the room of happiness and next time in some sentences you used the same word twice so just watch out for that but overall great piece of work well done.

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