The room that never ends

In the room of darkness ,I sat down wondering when will there be light.

In the room of rain I sat down In sorrow.

In the room of walls all the walls were caving in.

In the room of cake there was my brother he ate all of the cake.

In the room of plants they all started to grow out of the windows of the room.

In the room of nothing ,it was all silent nothing to be done and nothing to be heard…



2 Responses to “The room that never ends”

  1. Hi, I really like how you said on the first paragraph, wondering when there will be light, well done. You could maybe write a bit more sentences, but the ones you have now a good. Keep on writing. From Henry SWW

  2. I really like your first sentence it is really beautiful . In your third sentence the use of walls near one another feels weird for me to read . Maybe you could change the use of words ?

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