An Octopus’ Tentacle

I have never kayaked through the Congo river,

But I have been on a cruise ship to France.

I have never kicked the biggest rock in the world,

But I have booted a football as high as a house.

I have never seen a ghost,

But I have had my electricity spookily go out…


I have never robbed a bank,

But I have taken a school pencil.

I have never eaten an octopus’ tentacle,

But a have eaten my chicken dinner at the table.

I have never seen a guinea pig in area 51,

But I have spotted my neighbour’s dog go crazy in its cage.


I have never piloted a rocket to the moon,

But I have ridden my bike around a BMX park.

I have never chewed my dog’s toy,

But I have munched on bubble gum.

I have never thought of the end of this poem,

But I have finished it.

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