Animals in the world

I have never cuddled a sloth in the Amazon but I have cuddled my fluffy grey cat curled up on my bed

I have never stroked a grey elephant in Africa but i have stroked my curly haired dog sitting in the morning sun

i have never seen the king of the jungle but I have seen a gorilla sitting in the black pool zoo on a big rock at the back of his enclosure

I have never befriended a black buzzing bee wearing high black booths collecting all the pollen from a purple rose in the garden but i have befriended my newborns sunbathing in their garden

i have never touched a seal sitting in the clear watered beach in Canada but i have touched a dolphin swimming in Blackpool zoo

i have never sawmill with the tropic fish at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean but I have with  my friends at Southport

I have never ridden a tall mother giraffe in Africa but i have ridden an old brown donkey at farmer teds in Leyland

I have never seen a huge brown hawk flying in the sky but i have seen my family’s cockateal perched in its cage

i have never climed up an old oak tree to save a brown mother tabby cat but i have climed up the jagged tall hill in the Lake District to save my sister

i have never chilled in a big  Lear watered jacuzzis in Ireland but i have relaxed on a grey sofa in an old cabin in wales

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