Go and open the door

Go and open the blue door,


maybe there is, 

an ocean full of life,

a land full of violets shining in the sun

or sapphires glowing in a mystic cave.


Go and open the yellow door,

maybe there is a field full of sunflower’s pointing

towards the sun, a sunset going over the horizon or 

dandelions waving in the wind.


Go and open the red door,

maybe there is ruby red crystals in the wonders of a cave, ruby red roses dripping blood or Filipinos pepper

burning your tongue. 


Go an open the black door,

maybe there is a wormhole sucking everything in its path,

A thousand shadows lurking in the mist or a cape made of hundreds of shadows.


Go and open the rainbow door,maybe there is a land full of wonder and joy,a land full of colourful flower’s swaying in the breeze or magical cakes ready to be eaten.

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