I have never

I have never

I have never felt the jagged edges of the frozen tip of Mount Everest, but I have felt the edges of rocks on Padstow beach.

I have never heard the cry of an eagle as it soars through the sunrise, but I have heard the clucking of a chicken at Bosden farm.

I have never swam in the crystal waters of The Bahamas; I have swam in the cold water of Malta.

I have never ridden a fire-breathing dragon, but I have ridden a donkey at my sisters sixth birthday.

I have never sung with a famous celebrity, but I have sung with my cousins and family!

I have never danced with a strictly star; but I have danced at my last primary school disco.

I have never stroked a wild cat gnawing  at its prey, but I have cuddled up with my fluffy cat on a cold night.

by Eliza grant

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