I have never….. but i have

I have never ………. But I have……….


I have never eaten a lizard whilst jumping in my kitchen,

but I have eaten turkey in my kitchen.


I have never ridden a unicorn to France,

but I have ridden a pony in a field.


I have never gotten lost in a forest,

but I have gotten lost in the shops.


I have never spent a whole day in my bed,

But I have spent a night in my bed.


I have never been to Australia,

But I have been to Spain.


I have never memorised every maths question,

But I have memorised the ABC’s.


I have never touched a hungry alligators’ sharp teeth,

But I have touched a fluffy cat in my bedroom.


I have never tasted a piece of dinosaur,

But I have tasted a piece of octopus.


I have never driven a car,

But I have sat in the front seat in my mum’s car


I have never smelled lush flowers in Asia

But I have smelled my mums’ hand-soap


I have never heard the call of a wolf,

But I have heard the bark of my French bull dog.




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