I have never…But I have… by Amelia

I have never raced a motorbike on a F1 track

But I have driven down my hill as fast as a lightning bolt.

I have never beaten a cheetah in the Olympics

But I have beat my brother in a running race.


I have never seen frogs in the Amazon rainforest

But I have heard a squirrel in Bluebell woods.


I have never been to sunny Hawaii

But I have been to beautiful Majorca.


I have never touched hot glue

But I have touched hot coffee.


I have never seen a UFO in the night sky

But I have seen colourful fireworks at Ashley park.


I have never been in a rocket heading to Mars

But I have traveled in a plane heading to England.


I have never been on a imaginary train

But I have rode in a fast car.

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