I have never fed an elephant

I have never seen real life lucky clovers, but I have painted a green field of lucky symbols in my bedroom whilst listening to music.

I have never made Christmas lights, but I have decorated my Christmas tree with decorations.

I have never seen a real dinosaur, but I have glanced at a skeleton in a museum on a school trip.

I have never fed an elephant, but I have fed my ginger tabby cat, Vegas, while she cried and prowled.

I have never seen a blue whale, but I have seen fish in an aquarium on a family outing with my eighteen cousins.

I have never grown fruit, but I have visited allotments and eaten juicy raspberries on a summers day.

I have never had a dragon-fruit, but I have eaten a tangy kiwi in a fruit smoothie which I made with my cousins.

I have never climbed an exquisite hill, but I have ran up the hill which marks a bomb landing.

I have never stolen anything from a shop, but I have stolen from my brothers messy bedroom.

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