I have never worn a dress of spider’s silk

I have never worn a dress of glistening spider’s silk, but I have passed a thin web shimmering in the moonlight as the spider waits for its unsuspecting appetiser.

I have never fought in the trenches of France, but I have walked past them in red poppy-filled fields of Flanders.

I have never touched a glowing star as it sparkles on the dusty surface of Venus, but I have watched my plastic ones illuminate my bedroom wall as I close my eyes to sleep.

I have never danced as a gentle water lolly floating on deep waters of dreams, but I have danced on the silvery banks of the Italian lakes in the moonlight moors.

I have never swayed and leaped across the rainbow bridge to Asgard, but I have learnt about the mythology behind the legend of it.

I have never drank from the blessed fountain of gold, but I have sipped ice-cold water from my lush garden while the sun beats down on the gentle water of the diamond pond,

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