I’ve never climbed Mount Everest

I’ve never climbed Mount Everest

but I have climbed a steep hill in Cassiobury Park.


I’ve never ridden a horse

but I have seen a donkey at Willow’s Farm.


I’ve never run 100 meters in the Olympics

but I have run the sprint on Sports Day at Lee Valley.


I’ve never seen the Queen in person

but I have seen her face on a stamp.


I’ve never sat in a yellow Porsche

but I have sat in a silver Mercedes GLA, which belonged to my grandparents.


I’ve never been to the moon

but I have seen it amongst the twinkling stars.


I’ve never been on TV

but I have filmed a home-horror movie.


I’ve never driven a car

but I have ridden a black and turquoise bike.


I’ve never written a book

but I have written a poem.

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