Mushroom House

I have never gone raspberry picking with the queen but I have in my back garden with my mum to make a pie.

I have never held a rare, exotic fruit but I have held a pineapple to put it in the shopping trolley.

I have never befriended a tiger from Siberia but I have befriended my dog because I’m with him all the time.

I have never tasted a vegan burger from a famous chef made for me but I have tasted a normal one from Tesco.

I have never walked down a red velvet carpet but I have walked down my Nan’s hall with hair shopping in lockdown.

I have never given a dog a chocolate bar but I have given him a Dorito from my mum.

I have never touched an elf’s mushroom house in the woods but I have touched an elf’s mushroom house while while playing in my room.

I have never stepped foot in the Queen’s bedroom let alone her house but I have but I have been in my cousin’s massive house for a sleepover.

I have never ridden a Lockness monster but I have fallen off a paddle board onto a seal.

I have never felt the fin on a sharks back but I have felt the fin on a paddle board when putting it in the sea.

I have never swallowed a real life gun but I have swallowed a gummy gun from B and M.

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