My life experiences

I have never seen three dogs hula hooping,

but I have taught my dog how to fetch.

I have never tasted tapas from Spain,

but I have tasted the sweet flavour of an orange ice lolly.

I have never climbed to the tippy top of the temples in Pompeii,

but I have climbed rocks in the park near our house.

I have never been to a pop concert,

but I have listened to my Dad’s AWFUL singing in the car.

I have never had a book signed by Lewis Carroll,

but I have had a book signed by a fake Lewis Carroll in the streets of London.

I have never flew an plane to Jupitar,

but I have been on a plane to France.

I have never danced with a chimpanzee dressed as someone from Strictly come dancing,

but I have experienced winning a ballet competition.

I have never caught a dragon all the way from Venus,

but I have played knights and Dragons with Evie when I was five years old.

I have never ridden a pig with a waistcoat and moustache,

but I have been on horse riding lessons.

I have never touched the scales of a komodo dragon,

but I have seen my cousin’s pet komodo dragon.

I have never met Harry Potter,

but I have dressed up as him for world book day.

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