open the doors and you will see

Go and open a red door maybe you will see-


A fire putting innocent lives at stake,

Fresh apples perfect to eat,

Lava straight from an erupted volcano,


Go and open a blue door maybe you will see-


A crystal clear diamond that is glowing like a bright light,

A sapphire ocean full of fish,

A clear sky feeling free without clouds,


Go and open a yellow door maybe you will see-


A light bulb shining light all over the world,

An exploding Sun destroying planets,

A night sky full of stars


Go and open a black door maybe you will see-


Shadows coming to your room to capture you,

A panther running with its sharp claws to scratch their preys,

Possessed black eyes coming to haunt you


Go and open a green door maybe you will see-

Mike Wazowski scaring children,

Kermit the frog singing a song,

Jalapeno peppers burning mouths


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