Planet thrower

I have never fought a black mamba for Mars while on a skateboard,

But i have fought my little dog for a sock in my backyard.

I have never seen a bear fighting a lion in the sun,

But I have seen a taigu hiding in a hut at Bretts  pets.

I have never seen an artic fox fighting a polar bear in the streets of Africa,

But I have seen a squirrel speeding up a tree to escape the grasps of a cat.

I have never captured a titanaboa while fighting a lion,

But I have captured a tiny mouse a tiny mouse in a garden wall.

I have never held a platinum coloured Phoenix,

But I have held an orangey pale coloured bearded dragon.

I have never befriended a pigeon the size of a jeep,

But I have befriended a small cute dog.

I have never seen a platinum glimmer on Saturn,

But I have seen the glimmer of stars in the night sky.

I have never thrown Neptune out of the sun,

But I have thrown a rugby ball.

I have never jumped over a rainbow,

But I have jumped over a fence in Devonshire rock.



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