The colourful door

Go and open the door

Go and open the green door,

Maybe there is

A frog which is actually a king,

2 boys singing

Or a bath full of green shampoo.


Go and open the black door,

Maybe there is an eye staring at you were ever you go,

The sky is purple

Or there is a black figure who is a spy.


Go and open the blue door,

Maybe there is a baby blue whale swimming in a pond,

A cyan butterfly flying around eating food

Or a blue berry being eaten.


Go and open the pink door,

Maybe there is a

Candy floss machine which is only pink,

A pig rolling in mud

Or a slice of ham getting fried.

Go and open the white door

Maybe there are clouds which humans are able to stand on a flout,

a baby sheep getting milked

or paper with sugar spilt on it.

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