the doors

Go and open the black door,

Maybe you will find  a cloak of invisibility, a box of sugary licorice or Charcoal.


Go and open the purple door,

Where you will find a box of Amethysts,Eggplants from the hanging gardens of Babylon or Violets grown freshly from the secret garden.


Go and open the red door,

Where you will find olive oils dress on a coat hanger,

Strawberries growing from the ceiling or love hearts bouncing around the room.


Go and open the orange door,

Where you will find nemo playing in the ocean with his friend dory,basketballs bouncing up and down or a Sun stone glimmering in the light.


Go and open the white door,

Where you will find snowflakes falling from the ceiling,chalk all over the ground,bottles of milk all over the floor.

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