What things have I done?

I have never fell of a tall building, but I have fell of a long wooden log while crossing a shallow lake.

I have never held a slivery snake, but I have held my puppy Bella.

I have never swam with dolphins in the beautiful ocean, but I have swam in a public swimming pool with my friends.

I have never heard a T-rex’s loud roar, but I have heard the sound of seagulls noisily squawking outside my window every morning.

I have never been on a rocket ship going to the mysterious depths of space, but I have been on a roller coaster at pleasure beach.

I have never seen a colorful dodo bird, but I have seen grey pigeons in my local park.

I have never touched the scaly skin on an alligator, but I have held a slippery fish from the blue sea.

I have never ridden a mystical unicorn, but I have ridden my horse in Spain.

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