i have never but i have… St-Marys CE Primary

I have never ate a silky mushroom 

But I have eaten an emerald green cucumber.

I have never been back in time but I have been to the National History Museum.I have never

 touched a golden plate 

but I have touched the regular clay made plate from Dunelm. 

I have never met a real dinosaur 

but I have seen a crumbling fossil.

 I have never seen a unicorn in real life with a gold crested horn

 but I have seen a unicorn in a film. 

I have never ridden a horse doing a handstand 

But I have jumped with a horse without doing a handstand . 

I have never popped a balloon in front of the queen

 but I have popped a balloon in front of my mum and dad.

I have never been to a horse race 

But I have seen a horse race on theTV.

 I have never Been an artist 

But I have painted at home.

I have never been on a plane across the atlantic ocean 

But I have been to Scotland without going across the Atlantic Ocean. 

I have never been to outer space 

But I have seen constellations in the night sky.

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