I have never… but I have

I have never…but I have

I have never rode a hoverboard down my stairs ,but I have rode my favourite scooter down my stairs.

I have never had a bath in yummy skittles ,but I have had a bath in warm water.

I have never played a good game of cricket ,but I have played a good game of basketball.

I have never camped on Mount Everest ,but I have camped at woodlands.

I have never jumped out of a plane with y parachute on ,but I have jumped of a big wardrobe.

I have never won an Easter raffle to get chocolate eggs ,but I have won a running compotion with Jenson.

I have never kissed a frog , but I have kissed my pet rabbit.

I have never broke my bones ,but I have broke my sisters bed.

I have never been a police officer ,but I have seen lots of police officers.


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