I have never drawn a lion ready to catch it’s prey

I have never heard a whale cry out for its mum

But I have heard a baby cry for it’s mum.

I have never stolen a ring

But I have stolen my sister Ellies necklace.

I have never jumped out of a plane

But I have jumped of my bed.

I have never seen a shark jump

but I have seen a dog jump.

I have never met the queen

But I have met my mum who is the queen of my house.

I have never brushed a lions main

But I have brushed my only lock of hair.

I have never ate a hole cow

But I have ate cheese.

I have never has a cat

But I have had a dog.

I have never drawn a lion waiting for the right time to catch it’s prey

But I have drawn a dog with it’s tongue out.

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