I have never seen a slimy, green alien

I have never ridden a jet, black motorbike,

But I have ridden a pony with a shiny main and tail,

I have never seen an a slimy, green alien

But I have seen the beautiful sunset fading above my head

I have never jumped out of a helicopter,

But I have jumped of a trampoline,

I have touched the delicate horn of a unicorn,

But I have touched the soft fur of a dog,

I have never  took care of a chick as bright as the sun,

But i have ate a delicious chocolate chick,

I have never raced a rapid, spotty cheetah,

But I have raced my friends at school,

I have never thrown a cute, fluffy hamster,

But I have thrown a ball,

I have never tasted a delicious burger for £50 pounds,

But I have tasted sweet, ruby red strawberries,

I have never been to London to visit Big Ben,

But I have seen all the beautiful places  in Chorley,

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