I Have Never touched the stars, but I have watched the stars

I have never ridden a prize winning stallion,
But I have ridden a blue and black bike.

I have never touched red, fiery stars,
But I have watched the distant stars shimmer in the moonlight.

I have never stood on Broadway stage in front of millions of people,
But I have stood on the school stage in front of many parents.

I have never worked in a bakery,
But I have made warm , crispy pastry.

I have never broken a Bone,
But I have broken my mums wooden drawers.

I have never met anyone famous in real life,
But I have met many famous people in my imagination.

I have never touched a lit up firefly,
But I have seen a bright , orange fireflys in the dark stary  night sky.

I have never been skydiving,
but I have jumped off a swing in the summer breeze.

I have never touched a lions fury mane,
but I have stroked my scaly pet snake.



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