If I were a door

If I were a grey door

I would show you,

A seal frolicking in the water.

A shadowy wolf stirring in the darkness

A silver elephant charging through the jungle.

If I were a red door

I would show you  

A drop of crimson blood. 

Rose red wine 

And a ruby red strawberry.

If I were a pink door 

I would show you 

Flamingos dancing gracefully.

The sweetest of candy floss 

And greedy pigs.

If I were a brown door 

I would show you 

A towering bear.

A vicious dog

And a raging cow.

If I were a green door 

I would show you 

Glowing grass.

Some slimy snakes 

And a sharp cactus .

If I were a yellow door 

I would show you 

Buttered bananas.

Cheesy corn 

And shining stars.

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