All my dreams.

I have never wished upon a shooting star, soaring rapidly through the frosty night, but I have wished upon blown out candles on my birthday cake.

I have never seen the blinding lights of New York City, but I have seen the glowing aura of fireflies.

I have never felt the soft touch of a steamy cloud, but I have felt the touch of a fluffy blanket on a winter night.

I have never felt a hyena’s back in the hot climates of Mali, but I have stroked the back of my fluffy cat on a hot summer day in my garden.

I have never flew into space in a rocket ship, but I have been high up in the clouds on a trip to Spain.

I have never felt the softness of Parisian silk, running through my fingers, but I have felt soft sand running through my toes.

I have never explored the world, but I have explored a mysterious, yet interesting forest.

I have never jumped of Niagara Falls, but I have jumped into the warm waters of a public pool.

I have seen a snow storm, but I have felt the freezing touch of snow in the cold winter.

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