Horses Fly

I have never eaten an appetising, medium-rare steak, cooked by Gordon Ramsey,  but I have tasted unhealthy fries from McDonalds’s.

I have never watched pigs fly as fast as lightning, but I have seen a horse fly.

I have never caught a shooting star, blasting towards the earth, but I have caught a terrible cold.

I have never driven a shaking, expensive rocket into space, but I have ridden a bumper car, bumping into others like a drunk driver.

I have never robbed precious money from a bank, but I have taken juicy, crunchy fruit from a giant, apple tree.

I have never stroked a furtive fox, but I have petted my jet black cat as soft and as fluffy as a cloud.

I have never ascended to the peak of Mount Everest, but I have climbed to the top of an old, oak tree.

I have never cooked a delicious dish on The Great British Bake Off, but I have baked a deep, chocolate cake, covered in mouth-watering frosting.

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