i want to paint.

I have never been up in a rocket racing up to space but I have been in a rickety rollercoaster at Alton Towers I have never stroked a grizzly bear but I have straight in an alsatian’s face as a lion I have never driven a Lamborghini that is as black as the night Sky but I have driven my Sky blue RC Subaru car I have never flown to the moon but I have seen a spaceship fly off from NASA I have never worn a Manchester City shirt but I have long entries the United red devil shirt I have never spoke Chinese in China also have bracelets work Spanish in Spain I have never ridden a big flying pink pig but I have written a chocolate Brown Shire horse I have never eaten a fresh we see crab from clear aunty closure but I have eaten Cheerios in the morning I have never stroked a fairy happy bomber but I have stroked a gerbil

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