Dreams versus Reality

I have never felt the sensation of scorching, gooey lava but I have felt disgusting , boiling gravy.

I have never sunk my feet into the middle of the Mediterranean oceans but I have sunk my toes into Whitley Bay’s murky waters….

I have never fought the monsters under my bed with an imaginary sword but I have fought my brother in a battle with kitchen rolls.

I have never slurped a fresh, creamy pint of chocolate cows milk but I have slurped a  caramel frappicino  fresh from Starbucks.

I have never rode a majestic, pastel unicorn but I have rode a brown lame pony.

I have never ordered a five coursed meal but I have ordered Mr Whippy from an ice-cream van.

I have never laid on a £1,000,000 mattress but I have laid on my bed with my cat.

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