I HAVE NEVER…BUT I HAVE.

I have never seen a magical mermaid swimming in The English Channel

but I have seen a gargantuan,silly shark swimming around eating tiny,patterned fish in Sea Life Aquarium.

I have never heard a baby sheep crying for it’s mother up Grassy Hill

but I have people screaming in the distance as if they were having a party and singing loud deafening songs.

I have never smelt the sweet smell of a golden apple from a Princess’s castle

but I have smelt  soft warm sticky toffee pudding with golden yellow custard from Asda.

I have never befriend with a ruby,red scaly dragon

but I have befriended with my shiny,sun orange goldfish.

I have never captured a rainbow,sparkly flying unicorn

but I have captured a lime,green scaly fish swimming in the Beach sea.

I have never seen a stripy black and white cat prowling the streets in the dead of night

but I have stroked a furry, gentle stripy , white ginger cat as he was cutely meowing and I called him Ginny.

I have never tasted curry and rices from a fancy restaurant

but I have tasted a steaming hot ham and pineapple pizza from






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