Fiskertons five mile bridge

Fiskertons five mile bridge

I have never jumped from fiskerton five mile  into the lake

But I have jumped from Yarbrough swimming pools diving board into the pool.


I have never tasted soft unicorn ****

but I have eaten rainbow ice cream and slushy from Skegness .


I have never jumped over the moon full of aliens

but I have jumped over my cute dog at the chatters Apley.


I have never heard a blue whales call in the caribbean sea

but I have heard my mum shout me for tea at market rasen my at grandmas house. 


I have never touched the sun in space

but I have touched sizzling bacon in the pan at the hotel. 


I have never swam 15000 meters in the pacific ocean

but I have swam 15 meters in yarbrough swimming pool lincoln.


I have never eaten a gerkin 

but I have eten a gummy one from Tesco


I have never captured a white and shiny shark in the ocean

but I have captured a small shiny ant in my back garden at Apley.


I have never walked over the sun like aliens can

but I have  walked over the boiling hot sand in the Canary islands.


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