Go and open the door poem by Karan

Through the pineapple yellow door,

maybe you’ll smell the stinky smell of cheese,

maybe you will see a banana pie as hot as the burning sun,

or a million emojis as yellow as a banana.


Through the teal blue door,

maybe you’ll see ice on a fire dragon’s back,

an enormous blue beautiful butterfly,

or a sea of ancient tears.


Through the apricot orange door,

maybe you’ll see a fire as big as the great fire of London,

bees making delicious honey,

or a talking tin of baked beans.


Through the strawberry red door,

maybe you’ll see a garden of beautiful red roses,

poisonous red berries,

or an ocean of sticky jam.


Through the stone blue door,

maybe you’ll hear the wind howling as loud as somebody speaking through a microphone,

maybe you will see a rain storm as big as Asia,

or a poem of brilliant ideas.


So go and open the door.



One Response to “Go and open the door poem by Karan”

  1. I love this piece of work! You have really thought hard about what describes the colour, there was lots of different and unique words for the colours. Have you maybe thought about extending it a bit?

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