I have never…

I have never drank  purple smelly poison while washing my masks 

but I have drunk fizzing orange juice.


I have never flyed on a yellow balloon 

but I have flown in an airplane.


I have never met a frizzly white rabbit 

but I have seen a yellow chick in my house.


I have never climbed the death looking Mount Everest but I have climbed up a roof.


I have never eaten a brown rotten banana but I have eaten a fresh one.


I have never touched a fierce looking lion but I have touched a slithering snake.


I have never felt a soft white dove but I have touched a green though turtle.


I have never had the dream of being a spy but I have dreamt of being an engineer.


I have never seen planet pluto up close but I have an invention on the blood coloured Mars.


I have never been in fresh looking Canada but I have been in the pleasant Paris.


I have never flown on a gigantic green leaf but I have but I have flown around the world with flying powder.


I have never seen my Mum’s first elder sister climbing up a tree eating mangoes.


I have never entered Queen Elizabeth the II’s castle but I have drawn one.


I have never ridden a horse but I have ridden on my Mum’s back when I was little.


I have never read a book that would take 100000,00000 years to finish but I have read a book that took me 2 months to finish.


I have never watched 19 conbillion movies but I have watched at least 16.

I have never ate blue glue but I have seen a boy eat blue playdo




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