I have never…

I have never pressed a white whiny button 

but i have pressed a toy button that is for Little children 


I have never read TOM GATES while my sister is singing let it go  

But I have read that Winnie and Wilbur sleeping.


I have never run 3000 miles in an hour 

but I have run 1 miles to my papa’s house.


I have never talked to a stranger 

but I have talked to my sister. 


I have never said “sided blogged”

but I have said “summer TIME” ! 


I have never been to Hogwarts witchcraft and Wizardry 

but i have been to FINLAND. 


I have never drank orange water with orange , red chicken 

but I have drunk wine. 


I have never touched a black widow spider 

but I have touched the head of the spider. 


I have never smell of pure white snow

But I smell my mom’s perfume.


I have never pressed my baby born brother head while he is eating his milky food

But I have pressed the back of the head.


I have never drink gallons of water in a swimming pool

But I have drank a water bottle.




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