I have never

I have never…

I have never smelt the smell of hot greasy chicken legs from Windsor Castle, but I have smelt shiny, ruby red strawberries, cut up in a bowl, sitting on Holly’s house’s table.

I have never tasted juicy, delicious peaches from a famous restaurant in Paris, but I have tasted a steaming hot apple pie lying on the table at the White Horse’s pub.

I have never seen a golden glowing fish in swimming in the English Channel away from sharks, but I have seen a chubby, old clown fish, swimming in a Corral Reaf.

I have never heard a roaring leopard in the middle of the Amazon rainforest calling for its pack, but I have fed a squeaking baby meerkat in Chester zoo.

I have never touched a red, lumpy dragon on top of Mount Everest stuck in the white shimmering snow, but I have touched a red, velvet silky dress at T.K Max while raindrops fall by.

I have never ridden a soft, brown deer through the Bluebell wood flying past trees and big berry bushes, but I have ridden a beautiful black horse in the field at FoxFields riding centre.

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