I Have Never Been to Hogwarts – BY IMOGEN.

I Have Never Been to Hogwarts – BY IMOGEN.

I have never….

I have never ridden a Hungarian Horn-Tale, over the Kilauea Volcano, in Hawaii, in the blaring heat

but I have ridden on a White Welsh Mountain Pony in the Western Countryside’s in Wales.


I have never flown on a Nimbus 2000 to Scotland

but I have ridden an Amiatina Donkey across the sands of Llandudno beach.


I have never walked sneakily along the roof of Hogwarts School with Ron,

but I have trekked from Congleton Edge to Mow Cop.


I have never spent four weeks designing and making a long, laced, purple dress, with gems and sequins, for Emma Watson to wear at the Yule Ball in Harry Potter,

But I have chosen a pearly, pink dress for my mum, Jenny, to wear on her birthday.


I have never caught the Golden Snitch whilst travelling as quick as lightning,

But I have caught a tennis ball in P.E at Marlfields Primary Academy.


I have never climbed the ancient but deadly ‘Whomping Willow’ that lies near the Training Grounds,

But I have climbed up a gnarled, Silver Birch tree in the woods at Astbury Mere.


I have never performed the Formal Dance at the Yule Ball, with Stanislav Yanevski,

but I have tap-danced to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’ song for my Auntie Sarah.


I have never seen a vicious, jet black, three headed dog,

but I have seen terrifying, Highland Cattle, with horns, terrorising hikers like an evil Norwegian Ridgeback.


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