I have never but I have

My have never but I have poem…


I have never been to the top of Mount Everest in the cold, icy snow,

 but I have climbed a green grassy hill on a Wednesday afternoon. 


I have never walked a stripy orange tiger on a lead whilst walking I’m in  a wet ************,

 but I have seen them leap into the air , ready to catch their food.


I have never petted, played with, slept with,walked, hugged or watched a film with a Senri from a game called feral,

 but I have used it as my avatar on my apple iPad whilst I’m  in my bedroom.


I have never held my cute Little bunny rabbit Dexter, but I have hugged his furry back when he was on the sofa, even if he ran away.


I have never touched a green, slimy wet frog in the old, muddy water, but I have felt a bumpy kind of slimy  pink sea star. 


I have never befriended a dangerous sabertooth tiger, but I have made friends with my three adorable kind pets, that each have fur as silky as an expensive Bed of leather.


By Amelia at Fiskerton primary school.

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